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"Driven by inspirations such as Prince, Laurie Anderson, Gilberto Gil and Todd Rundgren -- among many, many others [even some current musicians! -ed.] -- Spencer Owen (b. Los Angeles/1984, r. Oakland) is a musical polymath, interpreting his interests and influences with careful, passionate abandon. Unafraid of eclecticism both sonic and stylistic (not to mention his own powerful, unexpected falsetto), he supplements his particular approach to melody and arrangement with restless aesthetic creativity in action.

Since childhood, Owen has written and recorded hundreds of songs and pieces, ultimately creating a raw vault of lo-fi art pop, experiments and reference recordings/demos. Entering his 4th decade on the planet, he has officially begun the refinement process.

Owen played his first show in 2003, sharing the bill with Ariel Pink at the Treehouse Gallery in Los Angeles. He spent the next nine years honing his vocal chops and impulse-driven stage movements as a solo performer, singing atop backing tracks issued forth from (in order of techological relevance) a CD player, an iPod and an iPhone, all known as either 'the Karaoke Machine' or 'No Hay Banda.' Since August 2012, he has been backed by a crack team of unbelievably tasteful, soft-spoken musicians now known as the Spencer Owen Timeshare.

Owen's music has also made its way into a number of video and film projects over the years, much of it specifically composed for and scored for those projects. Most recently and prominently, he has co-scored and provided several original songs for the comedy-horror film Dude Bro Party Massacre III, produced by 5-Second Films, starring his brother Alec Owen, and featuring cameos from Patton Oswalt and Andrew W.K. (among many other notables)."