LFZ is the musical endeavor of Sean Smith. Electric Guitar and Synthesizers and a vast array of analog and digital devices. The music is emotionally driven and rides the line between composition and improvisation. There is a deep experimentalism captured in the music of LFZ -all executed by tangible means. LFZ is exploratory of sights, sounds and the phenomenological.

The self titled first album from LFZ is two extended pieces for guitar and electronics. As with all of Smith's work, the music is instrumental but refers heavily to personal subject matter and concepts. It was composed, improvised, and recorded at the end of a decade long residence in San Francisco. "Fair Winds & Following Seas," a multi-movement composition, is an abstract journey through the intangible phenomena of life and void, nature and spirit. The completely improvised b-side, "Infinite Regress," delves colder depths by way of repetition and random chaos. Both pieces, almost opposite in approach compliment each other to form a cohesive whole.

POINTLESS PRISM is 14 short form trance improvisations for synthesizer. (Electronic Semi-Chromonium) All first takes, these pieces play directly off of the energetic response to the timbres of each key represented. In this sense, this is music in its purest form. Each piece is played within a natural scale either major or minor to explore the mind and body's response to the frequencies and combinations of each key. Meditation trance music as engaging as it is ambient. Cleansing. The outcome is what you make of it, whether passive or active.

NAME PLUS FOCUS is LFZ's third full length album and first for Castle Face Records. As a collection, "Name Plus Focus" represents multiple facets and characteristics of one's whole true self while staring into the dark abyss with determination to find purpose. It links these notions with elemental themes of nature in both senses; the physical realm and the inner landscape. Drawn from a much larger body of work, this selection of music -recorded in a number of locations utilizing many different synthesizers, guitars, and recording techniques both analog and digital- exemplifies the multifaceted approach to music making that is the tradition of LFZ. 

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Projection by Claire Colette. (photo by Spencer Owen)

Projection by Claire Colette. (photo by Spencer Owen)