HOUSE II is the collaborative partnership of Rob Little and JC Osmundson The Realizer. 

The music of HOUSE II is abstract and varied. It is earnest. It creates a space somewhat between reality and dream, as if familiarity is confusing. Although created in an era of deep reference to the past, there is innocence and newness in its simplicity not unlike Neu! or even Penguin Cafe Orchestra, without actually sounding like anything else. However, there is an inherent American-ness to the music of HOUSE II. It is an extension of American Folk Music but through the use of field recordings, electronic instruments, abstract improvisation, and minimalist pop. In this way, the music sounds shrouded in mystery, even though its presentation is completely transparent. A refreshing and authentic listen.

The Limited Edition Cassette of HOUSE II's debut, "Loose Joints" are available in our SHOP.